Information about game

The scary thing about is: you starting one to achieve certain goal, but then it starts to develop it's own life …

Almora is an fictional land occupied by two nations - Alebrians and Triberians. Where are different views, there are disputes, where are disputes, there are also conflits, and where are conflits, there are wars too. War in Almora started years ago. Young boys starts their trainigs soon after their first steps to became a warriors. Whey they grown up, they're ready to defend their country, hometown and to help with defeating enemies.
In this world, today you can be a king, tomorrow your body can lay somewhere in forest - you never know who and when will kill you.
Ally can become an enemy, and with enemy you can have same goal. It's your choice to help, or to fight with those that stand on your way.

Game will offer

  • 3 ways for our character: knight, archer and mag - you can develop all three at once
  • More that 10 hours to finish main story
  • Several endings, what you choose during game can change your future - another quest may be added, removed, or some part of it can change
  • Around 1000 items
  • Lot of enemies
  • Puzzles
  • Mini-games in tawerns
  • 4 difficulity levels - changes not only enemies strenght, but some attributes, healing and rules
  • Crafting
  • Big world to check
  • Dynamic weather - rain, snow, wind, day & night system
  • Soundtrack by Rob Westwood